Halequin’s note 2012

May 19, 2005

Excerpts from the last post on the FreeThinkers network, written by Bill Harlequin, one of the leaders of the supposedly terrorist faction, whose declared purpose was to protect individual freedom and civil rights.

As the readers already know, 10 December 2012 was the moment when the FreeThinkers movement was outlawed and Bill Halequin became the first martyr of the many to come. His post was written a couple of hours before being arrested by the NSA, which ultimately lead to his lobotomy and death.

You may have already learned about the two tragic events that took place in the last hours, since all of the public NNN have covered them; most of them are calling only one as tragic, the other being called a natural consequence and a major success.
I’m writing probably the last message to be sent by the FreeThinkers community, since as of 3pm today our group was rated as a terrorist one. But we are innocent and this is my final appeal.
The FreeThinkers did not attempt to kill the Senator William Gardner. We weren’t the ones to place a biometric-detonated bomb in his parking lot. The FreeThinkers network is not a terrorist group fighting against national security. We are barely a group at all. We are a group of ordinary citizens, worried about the insane laws passed by the State, reducing slowly but certainly all of our civil rights.

In the last centuries we lost, one after another, all the basic rights and opportunities our forefathers took for granted: progressively, until the 19th century we lost the right of free access to the gifts of the Nature (fruits, wild plants and animals). In the 20th century we lost the free access to the gifts of the Earth: we started to pay even for drinking water, combustibles, even access to the land or the rays of sun. We are on the way of losing the basic right to property, since all we owned had to be paid over and over again from our labor’s wages, under the form of taxes, mortgages, loans and rates. This century came the turn of loosing even our right to free speech, free thought and non-material possession. It has already started. We no longer have the right of sharing our possessions with others because of copyright laws of increasing rigidity, nor the right of speaking out loud about the subjects of our like; we no longer posess even the right of DOING stuff, since almost every idea with practical applications has already been pattented. Physical property has been already lost, taken away by the financial, legislative and social institutions. Intellectual property is following. The only right we have so far is the right to remain silent. The right of not doing anything. The right of passing unnobserved. For now.

The bill voted today as a “response to the failed terrorist attempt” – the bill that Senator William Gardner himself had proposed to the Senate without many chances of success – marks the loss of even this basic freedom. It marks the beginning of an age where no one can stay anonymous. An age where everyone can and most certainly always be watched, tracked, logged. An epoch of paranoia, an epoch of absolute powers to the State and the Corporations, and no powers at all for the individual. An age of terror. No wonder it got voted only after the terrorist attack. Because no one would ever sell his identity in normal circumstances.

You all know the proposal and you probably find the idea rather cool: unforgeable biochips implanted in the skin, securing every financial transaction and Net access. No longer needing passwords or Id cards for authentication, no longer needing bank cards, not even money, not even keys. They say that in time even input peripherals will be replaced by the chip. No need for mouse, and eventually not even keyboard. Cool, ain’t it?

Absolute identification; absolute control. Everything will depend on people having this chip. Everybody will therefore be tracked. Always. Everywhere. It is the loss of our right to silence and anonymity. Nobody will be able to do anything considered illegal. And, trust me and the FreeThinkers on this, once the chips will be put in place, you will have lost the biggest right you have.

Normal people, you have lost today your final FREEDOM. Welcome to the next age. The age of terror.