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What should a high school student learn to best prepare for a successful IT carreer?

This post is dedicated to Tibi, my parent’s godson, who asked me the above question, in a somewhat different form. A bright student now in his 2nd year of high school, he loves computers and sometimes feels that he should be taking advantage more of the opportunities that his generation takes for granted(you know, everyone having computers, internet, access to information). To be honest, his question was actually how can I earn some money after school. I twisted it around trying to cover a more useful area.


Forced reinstall of application downloaded from Mac App Store

In Mac OSX Lion, I opened Launchboard and deleted an app that I had previously downloaded from the Mac App Store
I was no longer able to download it, always getting the same annoying message from the Mac App Store software:
A newer version of this app is already installed on this computer

After spending hours trying to find the fix that does the trick (and, man, did I try them all: removed spotlight indexing from my HDD, removed launchpad db files, removed various folders and files), countless Trash emptied and reboots, I finally found the fix.

Here’s what worked for me (via stackexchange):
I opened up, pasted the line below, then pressed Enter:

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

A few minutes of waiting, and when it was done I launched the Mac App Store app and.. miracle: I was able to, once again, download my favorite app from the store.

I hope this will save a few hours for you as well

What I learned from TechTalk 2011, London

I guess it’s my time again for #idevblogaday. I’ll keep this post short, as I’m still struggling with a bug that prevents me from submitting Clean Writer Pro.

At the beginning of this week I was at Apple’s iOS5 TechTalk in London. It was great. Apart from the rare opportunity of meeting great iOS developers from around the world(I met awesome guys from UK, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, Romania and more), the talks day also brought me a (hopefully long-lasting) inspiration and motivation. In particular, there are three most important things I came back with


Biciclete pliabile

Am vazut ca @manafu ar cauta o bicicleta de oras pliabila si mi-am amintit ca nu am povestit pe blog despre a mea(presupun ca postul lui Cristi nu face parte din vreo campanie online ci ca e efectiv interesat de subiect).  (more…)

Biroul meu de lucrat in picioare, reglabil electric pe inaltime

De cand mi-am cumparat primul calculator, numarul de ore petrecute la birou in fata acestuia a crescut dramatic. Si chiar daca in ultimii ani, incetand sa lucrez ‘for the man‘ ci doar pentru mine, am devenit mai lenes si am scazut numarul de ore de lucru zilnice, oricum petrec peste 12 ore in fata calculatorului. Cica nu e bine. Studii recente si mai putin recente sunt unanim de parere ca statul excesiv pe scaun duce la probleme grave, de la ingrasare(cel putin a posteriorului) la hemoroizi, afectiuni ale coloanei, zonei lombare, etc. Daca in generatiile trecute doar unii functionari sau soferi profesionisti apucau sa stea mai mult de 3-4 ore pe zi pe scaun, in prezent mai toti avem de facut chestii la calculator; iar cand nu stam la calculator stam pe canapea cu ochii la TV sau la volan in drum spre servici.

Acum 2-3 ani efectele incepusera sa se faca simtite si la mine: dureri grave in zona lombara cand mergeam la cumparaturi sau la plimbarile lente(ele nu apareau la mersul mai alert, banuiesc ca acolo ceva muschi preluau din sarcina). Am remediat putin situatia investind intr-un scaun Markus de la Ikea pentru statul la birou, iar pentru plimbari intr-o pereche de incaltari MTB (au costat enorm la vremea lor; in prezent gasiti imitatori la preturi sub 50%). Dupa o perioada, durerile lombare au scazut ca intensitate si frecventa.


Free will vs Freedom

People tend to overthink the meaning of free will. I believe that free will should be taken more literally. To have free will means exactly what it says: to have the liberty of will/wish/desire/dream. Free will is not freedom. Freedom comes from free do – liberty of doing stuff, liberty of action. Free will, on the other hand, only refers to the liberty of will, of the thought and/or heart. 


From laptop to the tablet/phone: 5 FREE key tools to keep you in sync

Desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone.. – more often then not you feel like you might have too many gadgets. You are constantly searching for a website you glimpsed at only 2 days ago, and unable to find it in the browser history – so you wonder – Was I on my laptop when I found that article? Or was I on the iPad? Or maybe it was a Twitter link that I clicked on my iPhone.. ? Also, that quick note I had.. where on earth did I save it.. and on which device?

To get you sorted in this digital mess, we present to you the 5 most important tools you can use to de-clutter your digital existence Evernote, Simplenote, Dropbox, Push the Page and Instapaper:

Secure your Mac – Password protected screen lock

When your nosey coworkers enjoy peeking on other people’s desktops when they are gone, or you simply don’t want your kids to accidentally erase your soon-to-be-complete Pulitzer story while you were in the kitchen, your mac has the quick and simple solution, one that few people know exists: the screen lock

Enabling screen locking is pretty easy, although hidden where you’d least expected it. Here’s how it’s done:

You’ll need to open up Keychain Access, a utility app that comes preinstalled on your Mac and can be found inside the /Applications/Utilities/ folder. Once there, you’ll open up the Preferences menu (press ⌘, or as the submenu of Keychain Access menu). In the General tab, make sure the checkbox ‘Show Status in Menu Bar’ is checked. A tiny lock icon will appear in the menu, somewhere on the right. Clicking on it will reveal the long awaited option: Lock Screen.

PS. Make sure you know your mac password before clicking on it, because only those who know it will be able to unlock the computer.