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Month: December 2018

Cool things I did in 2018

  • Became a proud godfather of a gorgeous goddaughter
  • Rode over 1000 km on my electric scooter, including one continuous ride of over 25km from Buftea to Bucharest (1500+km since I first got my e-twow)
  • Rode a 50cc motorbike on the sunny roads of Thailand’s Koh Lanta … with both Vio and Eva in the back, just like a local
  • My first transatlantic flight, and the view of Manhattan from the rooftop of a 57 stories skyscraper.
  • Stargazed, moonlight picnicked and slept in the car on some Black Sea secluded beaches
  • learned the basics of Arduino and built my first hardware projects
  • I found about and subscribed to BookBub – an email newsletter of (mostly)Kindle ebook special offers (bestsellers that usually cost $15+ for $2 or so). I thus grew my official Kindle library tenfold