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Tech (english) 29 Oct 2018

29 October 2018

Domain scammer Kashif Tahir is impersonating me with a fake blog on my old domain

by Alex

About an expired domain, a fake blog and a scammer

I learned recently that for the past months a Pakistani domain scammer named Kashif Tahir (email acquired my old expired domain name Nothing interesting so far, right?

Only that, after emailing me and learning that I didn’t want to pay a ransom to re-purchase my old domain name from him, the guy went for a more illegal approach in order to try to force my hand:

  1. He created a fake blog pretending to be mine (tagline and description refer to developer blog, etc), and to help with PageRank and seem more plausible, Tahir even copied and pasted several articles of mine from my original blog, articles that I wrote in 2011-2012.
  2. In addition to those articles, he’s added spam ones on drugs, shitty product and more.

PS. At this point you might be tempted to visit that website. Please don’t, this would only give him extra traffic and incentive to continue the practice with other targets as well; just trust me on this. Suffice to know that the current is a fake blog with spam content, created by a domain scammer.

Why would one do such a thing?

He’s probably thinking that I’m an easy target to impersonate and post crap about, with a quite uncommon name. You know, some guy he might be able to extort more money from, in order to release the domain he’s holding as hostage.

What I did about this:

  1. I first contacted the scammer and asked him to for stop pretending to be me, and remove my content and name references. He promised to comply but, guess what, he didn’t (that’s like asking nicely from a thief to return your stolen wallet, right?). He topped by adding even more shit posts on the fake blog - trying to do even more damage…

  2. I’ve been working on DMCA takedown complaints regarding the illegally reposted content of mine. Weirdly enough, the registrar said there’s nothing they can do, because it’s a matter of hosted content, not of domain name. So I’m now working on complaints to his webhost provider. This is a bit time consuming but the logical next step.

  3. I’m also considering taking Kashif Tahir to justice, on grounds of defamation and extortion attempt. Who knows, maybe Pakistani police will consider that this is a penal issue and save me the trouble of suing that guy.

  4. I wrote this post. If anyone accidentally visits that website and gets the wrong idea about who I am, this post here might help. If not… well that’s life; I’m not my old blog, nor my domain name.


Registrant Name: Kashif Tahir
Registrant Street: sh#20 first floor zaman plaza hall road
Registrant City: Lahore
Registrant State/Province: PUNJAB
Registrant Postal Code: 54000
Registrant Country: PK
Registrant Phone: +92.3219998896
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext.:
Registrant Email: