All packed and ready to go


For the next few weeks I probably will blog a bit more, but not about technology, apps, Apple or iOS development. Instead, I’ll switch to personal/travel blogging mode, trying to narrate as much and as well as possible my vacation.
Because in a couple of hours from now, me and my dear wife are starting yet another backpacking adventure in South East Asia(long term readers might remember our one month in Thailand from two years ago).
This time we’re trying an experiment even more difficult. We’re planning on spending a comparable amount of time(26 days, give or take) in Singapore and Indonesia – actually a couple of days in Singapore, followed by a few weeks in Indonesia, in the Bali and Lombok islands, to be exact.
Why the more difficult experiment?

  • First of all, because both countries are usually more expensive for the average backpacker than the backpack-friendly Thailand. Also, the flight to there cost more. Yet, we’ll be trying to have as much fun as possible given our not-so-generous budget(which I’ll disclose at the end of the trip).
  • Secondly, we’re packing lighter – the two tiny backpacks above are all we’re taking with us. It’s an experiment I hope won’t give us too much trouble.
  • Last but not the least, this time I won’t take my laptop with me. It will be the first time since 1997(when I got my first desktop computer) when I’ll spend more than 4 days in a row without a computer. Actually, scratch that. I’m lying – I’m taking with me 3(!) computers: my iPhone 4s, my iPad2 and my Kindle 4. But no laptop. And that’s the first time since 2003 when I won’t have a laptop around for more than 3 days in a row. That still counts, right? Welcome to the post-PC era.

I said I won’t talk about iPhone app development, but I’m lying again: there’s one extra reason this trip frightens me: for the past month I’ve worked hard to develop the most awesome update yet to my flagship app, Self Help Classics. It has a great new UI(inspired slightly by Instapaper and iBooks), a great reading experience due to new fonts and cleaner Interface, awesome new features, extra content (some free, some available as in-app-purchases) and is designed for retina devices. You can read more about it on
What it doesn’t have yet is an approval from the AppStore review team. I really tried to submit it earlier than my leaving on the trip, but it was way too big a project. So, here I am, waiting for this update to be approved and praying it won’t get rejected because of a stupid bug or Apple policy change. Like I said above, I won’t be carrying a laptop with me – so I won’t be able to fix any bug for a long, long time.

That was it. A too long post for any human to bear reading. So, sorry.
PS. This post was written from my iPad – as a trial run.
PPS. Future posts might have some Romanian fragments inside – to make it easier for my parents to follow.