What I learned from TechTalk 2011, London

I guess it’s my time again for #idevblogaday. I’ll keep this post short, as I’m still struggling with a bug that prevents me from submitting Clean Writer Pro.

At the beginning of this week I was at Apple’s iOS5 TechTalk in London. It was great. Apart from the rare opportunity of meeting great iOS developers from around the world(I met awesome guys from UK, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, Romania and more), the talks day also brought me a (hopefully long-lasting) inspiration and motivation. In particular, there are three most important things I came back with:

  • Try to create innovative, distruptive and industry-changing apps. Second best is to make them awesome and distinctive.
  • Don’t get stuck in the past. Although it’s obviously cool to support old devices/OS versions, it’s most often not worth the effort. Aim to use latest tech for the latest devices, as they are the most popular (of the 250 million total iOS devices, 50% have been sold in the past year – that’s one huge market)
  • Go international & localize. There are lots of non-US iOS owners.

Two less important but still interesting things I learned:

  • Always try to learn. Past WWDC videos and iOS video tutorials on iTunesU are way worth the effort to download and study.
  • There’s no such thing as a small niche. It all depends on the app and your marketing plan.

3+2 ideas. That’s it. But they were totally worth the trip. Talk to you later.