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Month: December 2010

Powertool for your Mac – Hyperdock

I’m not the kind to praise apps, but once in a while a recently downloaded app makes me so happy I need to share it with the world. Today I feel this way about Hyperdock, a currently free beta app (the developer warns us that once it gets final it will cost a small fee – although if you want to keep it free you can probably just disable the automatic updates). To be noted that there’s no hidden reward for me for this tiny review – the developer didn’t contact me about the app(as a general rule I tend to ignore all email I get that promotes web services or apps), I’ve hard about it from a Tweet and decided to give it a try.

Hyperdock installs itself as a System Preferences pane, and replaces the OSX standard Dock with a much more powerful version of it, kind of like a swiss knife of system goodies:

  • Window previews – when you hover over the icon of an opened app in the Dock, you get to see a small bubble with live preview of the app’s opened windows.
  • Powerful shortcuts – for all the apps in the Dock, you can configure particular or general shortcuts. Take the default shortcuts for instance – Option+Left click on any of the Dock apps will trigger Expose to show the windows opened by that app. Shift+Left Click will hide it, etc.
  • Window Management – by far the best feature, allowing to quickly snap and resize windows(Windows 7 style) by simply dragging them to the screen edges, etc. It successfully replaces the $14 Divvy app and adds, on top of that, quick shortcuts for moving and resizing windows.

There are other features listed on the app’s page, but I stop at this for now. I can only hope that the developer will chose a small enough price for the app(I’d expect less than $10, but I’d really hope something like $5) to encourage wide adoption of this pretty great all-in-one app.
Give it a try and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Un secret al nefericirii

Din pacate secretul fericirii nu este cunoscut. In schimb, cel al nefericirii este. De fapt cred ca or fi mai multe, cauze disjuncte cu un acelasi efect. Cel la care ma gandesc acum este ‘comparatia'(si la copiii rezultati din ea – capra vecinului, cioara de pe gard, invidia, gelozia, dorinta, ravnitul, ambitia, etc..). Vrei probe? Fa un experiment banal: cand vezi pe cineva ca se bucura de cadoul primit de Craciun sau de noul gadget pe care si l-a cumparat singur, spune-i un singur lucru: ca gadgetul era mai ieftin daca il lua din alta parte sau ca putea sa cumpere modelul superior la acelasi pret. Sau ca Gigel a primit un cadou mai frumos.

E uimitor cum simpla comparatie mentala cu un altul/altii/altele reuseste sa strice instantaneu o bucurie.Lumea ar fi un loc mult mai fericit daca nu ar exista comparatii.