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Month: October 2010

Do it yourself – Fullscreen mode for your Mac apps

Everyone knows that multitasking is usually bad for your productivity, and that in order to get ‘in the flow’ one would need to focus on the task at hand and nothing more. Having your app maximized to your screen size might be enough most of the times, but a real full-screen mode(that is, covering also the Dock and the MenuBar) would be even better.
Apparently the next operating system version for your Mac(OSX Lion) will add native support for full-screen apps. But until then, neither of these two options are made easy by the current Mac OSX version.

If you’re in the same place as I am and too impatient to wait for your full-screen productivity boost, I found a temporary solution. An awesome one which, best of all, is completely free(although donations to their developers are welcome)!

Caderea statelor

Secolul 21 si inceputul secolului 22 au marcat atrofierea functiilor entitatilor statale pana la disparitia acestora de pe harta puterii. Pe fondul globalizarii si a internetului ca mijloc omniprezent de comunicatie, vechile state si-au pierdut rapid din influenta.

Ideea de nationalism a disparut odata cu libertatea de circulatie si emigrare, sentimentul de apartenenta la un teritoriu geografic sau politic fiind inlocuit de afinitati pe baza de limba, interese sau branduri consumate. Un pas scurt a fost pana cand numerosi indivizii s-au dezis de statul de origine, invocand dreptul la libera circulatie si lucrul online intr-o societate digitala drept argumente pentru a nu mai plati taxele arbitrare impuse de mai-marii locului de resedinta temporara.

Three Tools for a more Productive Day

To mark my comeback to HackTheDay blogging, I’ll share with you three amazing apps I use on a day-to-day basis:

  • Jumpcut – minimalist clipboard buffering for OS X – it’s a free(even open-source) tiny app that stays in the menu bar and remembers every fragment of text you copied or pasted lately. So whenever you’re in a IM discussion and are too afraid to copy-paste something in order not to lose something already in the clipboard, don’t panic – with Jumpcut you can manage more than a single item in the clipboard. You can even define the keys to switch around them – mine is Ctrl+Option+V
  • Dropbox (referral link, if you use it you get an extra 250MB of storage)- one of the hottest startups of the moment, provides seamless sync of a special folder and all it’s contents onto the web and all the computers connected to it. The free account allows for 2GB of disk space (upgradeable up to 8GB of space – you get 250MB extra for each friend referred to the service) but you can also pay $99/year for 50GB of space or $199 for 100GB of space. The way I use this is by saving all my text files and docs inside, so they are safe in case of disk crash. Also, I can easily access them using lots of 3rd party tools – including your’s truly ‘Clean Writer‘ – iPad simple text editor app.
  • Sparrow – a new email client designed specifically with GMail users in mind that’s quite the rage lately. It looks beautiful(way better than the default OS X email client) and integrates seamlessly with GMail, with live updates and more fun features. Above all, it’s pretty minimalist, letting you focus on the email writing instead of useless extra features.

Those were about it for today. Other tips for a more inspired and productive day will come soon.


Nu am vazut niciodata marea atat de linistita ca in dimineata aceea. O dis-de-dimineata de vara de demult, cu corturi pe plaja si saci de dormit. Soarele rasarise de putin timp si urca incet pe bolta, clatinandu-se, cascand si parca dornic sa se reintoarca in patul sau de dupa valuri.