7 essential iPhone love tips

I used to be a pathetic iPhone user with only a few tricks down my sleeve. Really now, I even hated listening to music on it, since I had to get it out of the pocket and unlock the screen every goddamn time I wanted to go to the next song.

However, all of these changed in the last couple of days when I learned a lot more about this toy. Enough to turn me into a peaceful and happy user.

If you don’t know them already, here’s a nice list(I knew some of it already):

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DIY a Firefox Search Engine – Twitter People

I mentioned it already: I love Firefox’s feature of “Manage Search Engines” (Internet Explorer 7 has copied introduced a similar one as well). Simply love it, and the reason for it is that it saves me lots and lots of time.

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Usability on the Mac – tricks for Mobility Impaired Programmers

On the 1st of January I had a skiing accident resulting in the injury my right arm – actually my right shoulder. After about two weeks of waiting for the pain to go away, I got the guts and visited a doctor who didn’t think twice before putting my entire right arm into a tight bandage and forbidding me to use my right arm for the upcoming 10 days.
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7 geek tricks for a fresh OSX Tiger install

I spent the day before yesterday cleaning up my MacBook hard drive and reinstalling anew my Tiger operating system.
Sure, OSX is a very powerful system, but even it gets cluttered after months of intense usage and hundreds of apps installed. So.. nothing like a fresh new install to get rid of all unwanted apps, documents, archives or garbage.
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Forget the Apple Terminal, now you have Quicksilver

Remember I promised I’d show you how to do your basic computer stuff from within Quicksilver? Well, it took me a while but I finally pulled myself together and wrote this tutorial – a beginner’s guide on doing all kinds of nice and useful stuff with Quicksilver.
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3 tips you probably didn’t know on your Mac Book

Disabling the Trash Can

Sometimes the Trash really stands in your way – for instance, if you have a small capacity USB drive, a memory card or a Windows partition. You want stuff deleted from the Finder to be immediately erased instead of moved into the Trash Can.
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