What I learned from TechTalk 2011, London

I guess it’s my time again for #idevblogaday. I’ll keep this post short, as I’m still struggling with a bug that prevents me from submitting Clean Writer Pro.

At the beginning of this week I was at Apple’s iOS5 TechTalk in London. It was great. Apart from the rare opportunity of meeting great iOS developers from around the world(I met awesome guys from UK, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, Romania and more), the talks day also brought me a (hopefully long-lasting) inspiration and motivation. In particular, there are three most important things I came back with

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More AppStore scams – Flash Video Exposer

While casually browsing the AppStore I noticed an intriguing app called “Flash Video Exposer” which, at the time, was #1 Top Paid app in the Romanian iPad App Store. It was also in the top 30 paid apps in the iPhone App Store. Problem is, all user reviews unanimously cry that this app is a scam, and a pretty expensive one actually (8 euro).

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Fumatorii sa fie arsi de vii! La puscarie cu ei!

DeCe si Buddha se gandesc sa se lase de fumat. Eu m-am (cam) lasat de aproape 2 ani(cu mici exceptii, cand sunt suparat sau plictisit rau de tot).

Nu zic ca fumatul ar fi cool(este) sau un pretext de socializare cum rar gasesti(este). Stau insa si ma mir cum de fumatul, obicei acceptat si imbratisat in masa de societate acum 10-50 de ani a devenit atat de ostracizat de societate in ultima vreme. Nu mai ai voie sa fumezi in restaurant, pe geamul coridorului trenului, in gari, birouri si de fapt mai nicaieri. In America nici macar in casa unde locuiesti nu ai voie sa fumezi, pe motiv de prevenire a incendiilor.
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