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HackTheDay – top 100 productivity blogs

HackTheDay got listed in the nice list of “The Top 100 Productivity and Lifehack Blogs” on CollegeDegree, side by side with world-renowned blogs such as 43 Folders,,, Zen Habits and 95 more. Not bad for a blog that I’ve neglected quite a bit these last months.

It’s this kind of small things that make one’s day better and motivate him to get going.

My question for 2008

First of all, Happy New Year!

Second of all, I’ve been a lying bastard in 2007 and have blogged extremely little over here, leaving all you faithful readers just hanging and desperately waiting for more insightful, funny, informative or simply original articles.

How I applied the 4-hour workweek principles for the last 2 months. Part 1.

You know how I’ve only blogged one or two posts for the last couple of months? I blame it on Timothy Ferris! Yeah, that’s right, he’s the only responsible for my slacking off blogging lately. So if you’re discontent with Hack The Day’s summer/autumn vacation, stop sending me hate mail – Timothy Ferris is the one to blame.

How to read 728 new feed articles in less than one second

August is a slow month for everyone. I wasn’t lucky enough to have week-long holidays like most of you, but I felt it too: August is a slow month – one doesn’t really feel like working, nor do anything else than the bare necessities. August being such a slow month(did I say that already? ), the main consequence was that I didn’t feel like blogging – you faithful Hack the Day readers noticed it. What’s more interesting though is that I didn’t feel like reading blogs neither, and here’s the proof:

The single best happiness tip

One day (this Monday) I felt like jinxed – plenty of unfortunate coincidences, one after the other, tens of minor ingredients adding up to the classic recipe for a bad day. I was angry, furious. I know, sh*t happens, but I hate it when it happens all at once. Maybe Karma has something to do with it or it could be just God’s way to show us he still exists.