7 essential iPhone love tips

I used to be a pathetic iPhone user with only a few tricks down my sleeve. Really now, I even hated listening to music on it, since I had to get it out of the pocket and unlock the screen every goddamn time I wanted to go to the next song.

However, all of these changed in the last couple of days when I learned a lot more about this toy. Enough to turn me into a peaceful and happy user.

If you don’t know them already, here’s a nice list(I knew some of it already):

Did you know that..

1. You can take screenshots from the iPhone, natively. All you have to do is keep the Home button(the round one) pressed, while briefly pressing the Lock(top) button.
2. You can save any image from within Safari – just touch and hold the finger on the image, until a context menu pops up.
3. You can zoom in on any div within iPhone Safari, just double-tap on it.
4. You can jump back to the top of the page on Safari, just click on the title bar


5. You might have never tried it(I didn’t for a loong time), but there’s a button on the mike of your headphones. Tap on it once for play/pause answer call/hang up, keep it pressed for 2 seconds and release to ignore call, press it twice to send call to voicemail, or(while listening to music) to skip to the next song. Press it tree times to go back to the previous song (firmware 2.1 only).

6. If you want to navigate the springboard screens but don’t like to swipe, just tap the bottom corners(right above the dock).

Heavy artillery
When writing stuff
7. If you frequently find yourself switching from letters to punctuation only to grab a comma or period, here’s two tricks:
a. double tap the space key to insert the period(you have to enable this in the settings)
b. on the keyboard tap the punctuation icon without releasing, slide to the sign you want. When you release, it’ll be added and you’re back on the letters keyboard. You have to try it to understand it better, but’s it’s a neat power user trick that saves a couple of taps.

8. If you hate the auto-correction (if you have an unsupported language), here’s two pointers:
a. add your keyboard language from the settings. Switching to it will disable most auto-corrects – Hurray (thanks to Kit for this great tip)

image hotlinked from Kit
b. if you find that the phone usually suggests you the wrong word instead of the right one, hit on the x on the suggested word THREE times – sometimes it won’t work, but in most cases it will stop suggesting it (still firmware 2.1 ?)

There are many more tiny tricks you probably already discovered (how to make a soft reset(hold Home+Lock for a tiny while), how to shut down(keep them pressed until prompted to shut down), double tapping the home button brings up a mini iPod-player shortcut), and obviously many more. I won’t bother you with them, they are pretty trivial.

Me, I’m just excited I learned about the headphone button trick and how to disable the iPhone auto-correction. Call me lame but now I love my iPhone again :D

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