WordPress for iPhone.. now on AppStore

Wordpress iPhone
Wordpress iPhone

Is there anything to be added? It’s WordPress blogging client native iPhone app, it’s free it’s on AppStore, it’s really cool looking, has tags, categories, can be used with several blogs at a time, lets you take pictures, upload and post them to your blog in a couple of seconds.

[iTunes AppStore link for iPhone WordPress app]

It’s a must-have, the one and only iPhone killer app for the addicted blogger.

Really, I’m getting AppStore envy. How long will it take till my jailbroken iPhone first-get firmware 1.1.4 will be upgradeable to 2.0 ? I’m a bit frightened to use the PwnageTool method, but it seems like there’s no alternative for now. So I guess I’ll just have to try it.

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