Top 10 Firefox search engines

Quickly, tell me the web browser you use most frequently.

What? Do I hear anything other than Firefox? You’re most certainly way behind on our Productivity 101 lesson.

Quickly, tell me what’s your most frequent way to google or search stuff online.

If you tell me you click on Firefox’s address bar, type then Enter, then you’re definitely not making good use of your time and fingers. There’s a better, faster, easier way to google from Firefox – the quicksearch field on the right-top corner. Just type Ctrl+K (or, on Mac, Cmd+K) and you’ve changed focus to the quicksearch field. Type what u want to search for, Enter, and Google opens up with the results.

But the best news is that from the quicksearch bar you can use many search engines in addition to the default Google one. After Ctrl+K, just press Ctrl+Down/Ctrl+Up (or, on Mac, Cmd+Down/Cmd+Up) to quickly pick another search engine from your list – you can use Yahoo, Ask, Wikipedia or many more – basically, any website can provide its own Firefox search engine. And.. this is where our title starts to make sense:

What are your top 10 Firefox search engines?

My favorite Firefox search engines make me lots more productive when conducting most internet research tasks. I’ll just show them briefly, but wait, in the comments, for your suggestions:


  1. Google – no comments required
  2. Yahoo – because Google sometimes is not relevant enough..
  3. Wikipedia – probably the most useful of them all – whenever you want actual info instead of just websites..
  4. Imdb – infos on movies
  5. Mininova – search for the films themselves
  6. YouTube
  7. Technorati
  8. – because sometimes Google and Yahoo are irellevant, and u might just want cool websites
  9. Flickr
  10. The Pirate Bay – Mininova alternative

What about you? What are the search engines you use on a daily basis?

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