How to read 728 new feed articles in less than one second

August is a slow month for everyone. I wasn’t lucky enough to have week-long holidays like most of you, but I felt it too: August is a slow month – one doesn’t really feel like working, nor do anything else than the bare necessities. August being such a slow month(did I say that already? ), the main consequence was that I didn’t feel like blogging – you faithful Hack the Day readers noticed it. What’s more interesting though is that I didn’t feel like reading blogs neither, and here’s the proof:

You might already know Robert Scoble reads 622 RSS feeds each morning. But I’m not him, I don’t even want to. My brain is too tiny to even try to skim through such information; my time is too precious to spend it reading that many posts – I’d rather linger in bed some more. So I dare suggest a different approach to reading 728 new feed articles in less than 1 second:

Mark all as read – just skip over; delete them; erase them.

You knew this was coming. It’s a no brainer – if you feel overwhelmed by otherwise trivial things, the smartest thing to do once in a while is just cut back. You knew it was coming, yet so few of us actually apply this. Whether it’s about iCal meetings that no longer give you time to see your family, or about bulk mail piling up, or even social events you must attend or else. Really now, get serious, nothing is as important as it seems, and few things are really life changing.

How many life changing feed articles have you read the last year? Can you survive for one day/week/month without learning about the latest Windows Vista shortcut, or the Top 10 ways you should walk your Cat?
I think you can, as you can survive without reading this article too. So, instead of stressing over the accumulating unread email, paper mail or unread feed items, just do the clean cut, destroy the Gordian knot and start anew. The feeling of liberation is totally worth it.

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