The 5 best spots in your favorite city

Here comes summer, holidays and trips to foreign countries…

I lived in Paris and its suburbs since 2003 to 2006. No big surprise that I fell in love with it – I sincerely believe that it’s the most beautiful city in the world(though Prague, visited 2 years ago, isn’t bad either). Now, after having left France’s capital for more than a year, I’m returning there this week in a short 5-days trip with my girlfriend.

But please, shed no tear – it’s the perfect moment to write down what I missed most about this beautiful city, and start a blog tag game, named Your favorite city’s 5 best spots. While this is not necessarily a post on productivity or life improvement, it is about discovering the not-so-obvious beauties of your favorite city :). So please feel free to join in!

The rules are classic – if you’re tagged you must join in, if you’re not but would want to, do it anyways, but also drop a comment below so we can keep the record: write the blog post about the best 5 places/things to do in your favorite city, link back to the blog who tagged you and, at your turn, tag three other blogs.

Me, being a stinkin’ cheater, I’m going to break the rules and share with you a 15 things to do in Paris, as in 3 times as much:

  • 5 main tourist sights in Paris
  • 5 romantic getaways in Paris
  • 5 not-to-miss eating spots in Paris

5 main tourist sights in Paris:

  1. walk the Champs Elysees
  2. visit the Louvre
  3. climb the Montmartre, taking pictures of the Sacre Coeur church
  4. view Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower
  5. visit the Notre Dame cathedral and eat sandwiches in the small park behind it

5 cheapest romantic getaways in Paris:

  1. bateau-mouche sight-seeing on the Seine river
  2. picnic in jardin Trocadero or Champ de Mars at the shadow of the Eiffel Tower
  3. rollerskating and picnic on the Seine quays
  4. slowly walking around the Marais quarter, stoping by the Musee Picasso and Maison Hugo
  5. enjoying the street artists at fete de la musique and the Pompidous center

5 not-to-miss things to eat in Paris:

  1. best icecream – Berthillon – ile Saint Louis
  2. best chocolat chaud – La charlotte en Ile – ile Saint Louis
  3. salade basquaise – Chez Gladines – Bute aux cailles (11eme)
  4. best crêpe banane nutella – Saint Germain coin Saint Michel
  5. fondue savoyarde – fondue fromage and fondue chocolat

+ as a bonus, if hunger strikes while you’re visiting the Latin Quarters – Quartier Latin, you should try “Le Gyros” – cheap junk food with cheap beer by the side

+ as an extra bonus, I love the Japanese raw sea-food in by the Passy place in the 16eme arrondissement “Comme les poissons”

I’m tagging in this simple tourist game the following : Sully from Lifelearningtoday, Dragos from eDragonu, Ben from the Instigator Blog and Scott from ScottHYoung. All you others, feel free to jump in the wagon. What’s your favorite city and why?

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