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I know, I know: I promised to make this a bi-weekly column and, so far, I only wrote one article in the series for the past two weeks. But, please, indulge me a bit: last week was a busy one for me – I wrote an article as a guest blogger for none other than Zen Habits, I had a lot of work to do for my day job, and above all I had to take a trip to Paris, France for some personal and administrative purposes.

But now I’m back and gettin’ serious. So, here’s my best links of the week selection:

  • CNN’s article on How David Allen mastered getting things done – an amazing insight on the daily life of the GTD inventor. If you loved the book, take a look on this article as well to see who’s the man behind the system.
  • How to be great at networking – How to Work the Room – you know it too well, success comes mostly by social means. Being the right person at the right time is also a matter of knowing the right contact. So take a look on this list, it might change your life!
  • How to brainstorm domain names gives you a basic view on how to pick the names for your online business. I have a lot more to add on the subject, but I’ll come back someday with a detailed article…
  • Innovation is a 4 hour process – how to check if an idea is good, bad or great? Give it a try for 4 hours, the time to get your feet wet.
  • Gina Trapani from Lifehacker – Separate your email from your to-do’s practical advice on productivity; this time, about the importance of separating your systems
  • Planning a startup? Here’s Crash Course In Startup Assumptions and Lessons Learned – never hurts to hear a fresh opinion on a startup, right?
  • This week’s personal favorite? Life Learning Today’s Break These Rules for Success! – change the rules, think outside the box, stop bending to social conventions

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