20 easy steps to handle the stress of an upcoming event – Part 3

This is the last of a 3 article series on dealing with the stress of an upcoming event. We talk about an exam, but most tips apply to tests, interviews, business meetings.
Go read, if you haven’t already, Part 1 – The evening before
and Part 2 – The morning before

Stress handling during the exam


If blocked out, breathe
Don’t panic
take a break, think of something else
break the writer’s block – write down anything
reread the subjects
underline the key points
sketch out ideas of solutions

The exam has just started – the test subjects have been given. If you’re prepared and stress free, go for it, don’t waste useful time.

If not, you might feel blocked out – nothing seems familiar, no idea comes. Stop for a minute or two. Breathe, look around. Try not to think of the subjects in front of you for a while. Write down your name, age, etc…

Then, slowly, get started reading the subjects. Start copying the requests, underline what seems important. Let the zen mind and spirit come to you.

Even now, don’t rush into it. First read them all and underline the key points of each. Once again.

Then, pick whichever looks easier to solve and try to do sketch the solution or steps to it on a side-sheet. Don’t rush into solving it, just think a bit of how you could approach it. Then, pick the next in line. See? You already noted a few things down, your brain starts working again. The rest is up to you.

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